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Diwali also known as Deepavali or Deepawali, the Festival of Lights, is celebrated in India and all over the world by Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and some Buddhists. Exchanging desserts and presents, enjoying get-togethers with neighbors, decorating the house - traditions may very in different parts of the globe, but this is a big, bright and colorful holiday with family at its heart. Stay connected to your friends, relatives,loved ones and customers by choosing a stylish "Diwali" card from our 500+ classic and modern designs, including Photo Cards. Add your personalised text message as a wishes and we'll put it in your personalised card.
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A greeting card is not simply a small piece of paper with a message written on it, rather it expresses love in the form of words to our loving ones. We all use greeting cards to send our warm wishes to our friends and family members on special occasions written on the printable greeting cards. A pre-written message is always there to help us to express our feelings in a better way. Besides that, we tend to write a message from our side to make it personalized. For this purpose free space is provided on the greeting cards.

Diwali Greeting Cards 2014

Diwali greeting cards offers many ways to share and express the festival excitement. Children may enjoy making Diwali greeting cards out of paper, deity images and fabric scraps and in this way a greeting card depict the open window through which goddess Lakshmi enters homes, bringing happiness and prosperity. Use a picture of the family members gathered together or use an image of the goddess positioned just outside the window. Children can write a festive greeting message, like "Happy Diwali! OR Let your happiness shine like a diya." Encourage children to give family and friends their personalized Diwali greeting Cards as they are created personally by them and encourage their creative skills.

Send the Greetings of Deepavali to your friends and dear ones. Get online Diwali cards and diwali 2014 greeting cards online at very affordable price range from prinkaro.in. Share the happiness of this Diwali season with your family, friends & relatives. Diwali greeting cards 2014 for facebook and diwali wishes to wish a Happy and blessed diwali. Let this diwali leave within you pleasant memories to enjoy throughout your life.

Diwali is a festival of lights, celebrated in India . The dates vary every year, but it falls in the month of October or November. At Diwali, oil lamps are lit to symbolize god Ram winning over evil Ravan, and to remind people of their own inner self. At night, fireworks light up the sky for the celebration. You can use this light theme to create your own personalized beautiful Diwali greeting cards to share with your friends and relatives.

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There are various types of Diwali greeting cards available on prinkaro for this beautiful festival. You can personalize these cards online from printkaro to send along with gifts. Giving a gift without any Diwali greeting card on this festival looks incomplete. It feels we have not greeted our loved ones.  Greetings are mostly given on the festivals such as Diwali, Holi, Rakhi and Christmas. Prinkaro’s collection is wide and not only limited to festival cards, we even have greeting cards for occasions like Birthday, Anniversaries, Baby shower and many more.

In our childhood, we used to create handmade greeting cards on every occasion for our dear ones. However, these days with advancement in technology we can personalize our greeting cards online. In addition, we have greeting cards for every occasion like Fathers Day cards, Mothers day Cards, birthday cards, thank you cards, sorry cards, missing you cards, get well soon cards and many more. Just go online on printkaro and search for your preferred greeting cards and personalize them in your style.

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On this Diwali, we are providing our customers with a wide range of Diwali greeting cards. Different designs with various bright colours are available on our site. There is a high demand of personalized Diwali greeting cards. Diwali greeting cards can easily be searched on our site. During your search you will find different Diwali card designs. For people of different regions we have different language based Diwali greeting cards. If someone speaks punjabi, you can see Diwali Greeting cards in punjabi for him, similarly we have Diwali Greeting cards for Hindi, English and other languages also. Diwali Greeting card is always the best way to express your love. We offer a wide range of Diwali greeting card templates and designs.

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On our site we also offer a special service to our customers where they can learn to make Diwali greeting Cards. It makes your task easy to make handmade greetings cards at home. If you want to customize rather than making it by yourself, then you can customize your Diwali greeting cards on printkaro. This will help you to make Diwali greeting cards of your own choice. We have wide range of Diwali greeting card templates to choose from. There is also printed diwali greeting cards option where you can personalize your card by adding your pictures and personalized messages wishing them “happy diwali”. This conveys warm wishes to your loved ones. Personalized diwali greeting cards are left blank as per the requirement of our customers where they can write their message.  The Diwali photo card has the option of printing photos of both, you and your loved ones which give it a special look. Diwali greeting cards collection on printkaro includes Custom Diwali greeting cards, personalized Diwali greeting cards, Marathi Diwali greeting cards and Shubh Deepawali greetings. These are popular and specially designed cards. 

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Printkaro has a huge range of Diwali greeting cards at very affordable price range. Diwali Greeting cards pictures are trendy with bright festive colours. We are providing our customers with the best range of diwali greeting cards for kids, friends, family member and relatives.
Our collection has best Diwali greeting cards for you, where a person can able to find out large number of Diwali greeting cards for their love ones. In addition, you can learn how to make and Customize Diwali greeting card templates online with our customization tool and you can edit them while sitting at home with the help of internet.

Printable Happy Diwali Greeting Cards Online

Greeting cards are of a best kind of things, as they are something that can make us to express our feelings that we want to say to someone. Avail greeting cards from our online store that are trendier than most cards obtained online. You can browse through our online store for most popular personalized greeting cards available with us, like Diwali greeting cards, Holi greeting cards, Birthday greeting cards, Valentine’s greeting cards, New Year greeting cards, Anniversary greeting cards, and much more.

No need to worry about your budget, we've come up with the most reasonable priced greeting cards . Select freely from varied option of sizes, starting from Rs.99 and make your dear ones feel special. Buy customized greeting cards and give them to your near and dear ones such as greeting cards for boss, greeting cards for aunt, and greeting cards for boyfriend .Our latest range of greeting cards contains different cards for different occasions which starts from Rs. 99 and goes up to Rs. 350 depending on size of the cards. Greeting cards are meant to be full of feelings and emotions, that’s why we introduced cards like Sorry greeting cards, Thank you cards, Love cards, Valentine’s day greeting cards, Mother day greeting cards into our section to give you and your loved ones an emotional touch. 

Our collection also contains festival cards and among these cards popular one is Diwali greeting card. View select and customize your Diwali Greeting Card as there are number of Diwali Greeting Cards available with us. Buy Diwali Greeting Cards Online from our online store at affordable prices. Diwali Greeting Cards available in Indian market starts at Rs. 30 and at the same price printkaro offers you more varieties with your own customized Diwali greeting cards. So Log on to www.printkaro.in and start Customizing your Diwali card.

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