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Holi Greeting Cards


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Over the ages greeting cards have become a superb way of expressing one's heartfelt feelings. Nobody knows this better than PRINTKARO who have made it a point to give words and images to every possible human emotion. Holi being such a vital and lively festival of India. Printkaro portray every possible color and feature of Holi in their Holi Greeting Cards.

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Importance of Holi Greeting Cards

Well, the significance of Holi Cards lies in the fact that they convey your warm emotions to your friends with whom you may not actually meet. Moreover, receiving cards from a dear one always evoke a smile. Sensing the emotional desires of the people Printkaro come up with new ideas each year to send good wishes to the people.

Special Greeting Cards for Holi

With colors being the most essential part of this festival, Some Holi Greeting Cards come with packets of colors inside and some even have small pichkaris attached. This adds the festive touch to the greeting card and offers a great way of sending love in the form of colors.
Attractively colorful, these days cards are modified for different relations, for example mummy-daddy, sister, brother, sister-in-law, brother-in-law and of course, especially for your beloved.

Types of Holi Cards

Cards are also specifically designed keeping in mind the age and nature of a person. For occasion, there are sober cards for the elderly and cards full of jokes and pranks for friends, which evoke laughter from the receiver. Special care is taken for the cards intended for lovers which come loaded with passionate expressions mingled with the spirit of the festival.

So what are you waiting for?? Just choose your card and give colorful expressions to your feelings….For, when it is Holi, it’s time for your beloved to say 'Ho…lee' (I have become yours). There are ample of cards to assist you out, don't worry.

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