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Baptism Invitation Cards

Celebrating the Baptism of your baby is a remarkable ceremony it is just as huge as their 1st b’day. The Baptism will be marked in their baby book as a milestone and the invitation will be kept as a memento, thus making the invitation selection an essential process.

Special Christening and Baptism Invitations from Printkaro has a large variety of Baptism Invitation Cards, ranging from non-photo Baptism Invitations to invitations with photo arrangement options. When customizing your Baptism Invitation Cards adding your child's photo to it gives it a nice personal touch. In some events the Baptism is the first time partners or distance family members will meet your newborn baby and by adding the photo to the Baptism invitation you are filling them with eagerness to see the adorable little one new born baby. You can make it easy by just adding the baby's 1st glimpse photo. However some parents will even have professional photos taken in celebration of the Baptism and add more than one photo to the invitation displaying a collage of sorts.

Choose Trendy Designs and Colors to Personalize Your Baptism Invitation Cards

Nothing says baby preferable than soft pastels. The Baptism Invitations come in a wide variety of colors, including blue, pink and yellow. On the non-photo Baptism Invitation Card a nice religious symbol as the main image clearly displays the message. Among the most popular patterns are the Christian fish symbol, cross, christening gown and a monogram of the baby's last name. The word Baptism written across the top of the invitation is another great choice.

Make it a memorable Baptism for your Child

A Baptism is a significant ceremony. Most parents have a favorite bible poetry they can print. Adding bible poetry to the Baptism Invitations is a way to tie in direct personal emotions to your invitations. Remember, you will keep a print of this invitation in your child's baby book for them to look back on in the future. Making it as personal as possible gives them an impression back on how you felt on their big day.