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Custom iPhone case printing

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One-piece iPhone cases are available for the 4, 4s and 5/5s models. Cases for the 5c model are currently unavailable.
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Turn your favorite photo into a delightful phone cover.
Make a beautiful case using our exclusive designs.
Create a case as unique as your imagination. cover.
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 Custom iPhone and iPad Cases

You spent a lot of money on purchasing a tablet and now you need to protect it. But that does not mean your style has to suffer for the sake of practicality. Instead, showcase your personality while protecting your precious device with custom iPad & iPhone Cases from printkaro.

Browse through our lalest collection of cases for the iPad series 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5s in order to find one that reflects your sense of style. Also, you can personalize any design by uploading fabulous family photos and selecting from a wide range of color schemes and font styles. So keep your expensive tablet & iphone looking stylish and always in perfect condition and shape by protecting it with a stylish customized iPad/iPhone Case from printkaro.

Designer iPhone Cases and iPad Covers

Printkaro, the world’s leading designers of fashion cases for smart phones and tablets open its latest collection of Designer cases for the new Apple iPhone 5s & iPad. Featuring the complete portfolio of transparent cases & covers designed to showcase, enhance, and protect the vibrant colours and natural appearance of the iPhone device, printkaro’s latest collections of iPhone Cases are available now at at affordable prices. You can customize your iPhone Case on printkaro as all designs are printed on an easy snap on, flexible case made with durable quality material available in frosty white color. It features an extremely slim body and gives enough protection for your iPhone.

Style your device with Custom printed i-phone cover

We believe that a well-designed smart phone cover is an extremely important to a person’s overall personality and style aesthetic – as important as any other personal accessory like as eye wear, watches, and a pair of shoes or jewelry. Our latest collections of iphone 5S cases are without a doubt the most stylish and protective cases we have ever released. One of the most interesting and significant feature of the new iPhone 5S is the range of color varieties now available for the device –graphite, champagne gold and white. Printkaro’s latest collections feature a new set of transparent, see-through cases designed to enhance, and protect the natural appearance of the iPhone & ipad device.

Pricing and Availability

Printakro’s new iPhone 5s case collections range from Rs 299 to Rs 999 and are available at

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