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Housewarming Invitation Quotes

  • With a roof over our head and floors under our feet The Smith family move is finally complete! Please stop by our housewarming party.

  • The scenery has changed, the address is new, But our door’s always open to friends and family like you! Please stop by and see our new home!

  • The Johnsons have moved. We are in a new house. You can reach us at home by phone or by a click of the mouse!

  • There’s no place like home, but home is where the heart is. All our boxes are unpacked, now help us move the love of friends and family into our new place. Join us for a housewarming celebration to remember.

  • Our first home! We’ve finally settled down and found our perfect house. Please join us to celebrate with housewarming.

  • I’ve got a brand new pad, so feel free to hop on over.

  • We’re heading in a new direction and we want you to come! Meet us at our brand new house for a grand housewarming celebration!

  • We’ve got a new fish bowl. Please stop by for a visit! Open house 11 to 6 pm June 18th

  • The things that make a house a home are the people that fill it up. Join us for our a housewarming!

  • The Snavely’s have a new nest. Stop by and see us!

  • Please come to our housewarming. It may be our only chance to socialize since we can’t afford to go out for the next twenty to thirty years.