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Web to Print e-procurement solution

Store and edit all your offices stationary and marketing material through one online solution.

  • We offer a simple, fully automated, process that cuts lead time and avoids unnecessary coordination of orders, designs, suppliers and people making your ordering and re-ordering a hassle free process.
  • Our products range from business cards, ID cards, letterheads, brochure, and postcards to invitations, note pads and thank you notes.
  • Efficient Print Management
  • Automated customer-friendly solution
  • Instant ordering & reordering at the click of a mouse
  • Creates & maintains your in-house corporate web-to-print store front
  • Consistent Quality Standards across entire organization
  • Centralized, Customised e-procurement
  • Order Processing within 24 hours

Our online solution offers various advantages to our clients:

  • Brand Management:
    Printkaro Studio follows complete branding guidelines to ensure that your different departments, offices and country operations use the graphical profile on all printed material.
  • Easy to Order
    It’s a hassle free, simple process where you log into your account, add your details and just order.
  • Easy Editing
    Our online printing Studio uses a style of printing that allows you to see exactly what the finished product will look like.
  • Online library
    PrintKaro is your online backup library for all your artworks once uploaded on our site for you to just click and re-order.
  • Global Delivery
    With PrintKaro’s on-line ordering, you can order corporate stationery for all your branch offices and we ship them all across the world.
  • Professional Designs
    Our website offers a wide range of professional design and print services ranging from creating Corporate Identity, Marketing Materials and Promotional Products.
  • Improve Workflow
    Our web-to-print platform is all about creating a better delivery system, a streamlined work- flow that lets you take your hands off from every manual process like Quoting, Negotiating, Ordering, Reordering, Proofing, Amending, Printing, Delivering, Invoicing and Accounting, thus ensuring a streamlined print cycle.
  • Reduced Manhours
    It's an efficient time saving tool that reduces the man-hours and leads to enhanced efficiency levels and saves cost.
  • Extremely Competitive Pricing
    Due to high volumes that we generate overall, the end user gets competitive pricing even when the individual volumes are low.

Facts & Pricing

Solution Office
Activation fee FREE
Subscription fee FREE
One interface for all your offices or business units
Unlimited storage of templates
Unlimited number of users, offices, countries and business units
Possibility to integrate with company intranet
Design assistance and free quality proofing of print files
Online tutorial
Possibility to upload own files
Integrated invoice solution
Express delivery anywhere in the world
Full order history