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Interested about the story behind the custom of sending Valentine's Day cards? Though it might look like a modern trend, couples have actually been changing Valentine's Day greeting cards for essentially as long as they have been falling in love. Valentine’s Day Cards have been a staple of the winter holiday for centuries, with well known quotes like, "Roses are red, violets are blue .." dating back as far as the late century. Even in Shakespeare's era, Valentine's Day was a time to send a heartfelt note to that special one.

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As the years pass on and printing shop got into operation, people continued to send Valentine’s Day Cards with a little bit of extra aid from the innovative technology of the day. Easily available cards, postcards and prints mixed with the minimized cost of mailing Valentine's Day greeting cards instantly made it possible for consumers to send even more cards than ever before. Nineteenth century postage charges were very low, in fact, that people were even empowered to send anonymous Valentine’s Day Cards as well, giving rise to the ever-so-sweet concept of a secret admirer.

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For a while after this round of addition, Valentine’s Day Card buyers only had two choices. They were forced to pick between mass-produced greeting cards sold in shops and the thoughtful method of designing their own. Luckily, new technology has once again changed the market, and now the days of sending universal Valentine's Day greeting cards are numbered.
Today, handcrafted Valentine’s Day Cards are not fairly as prominent as their printed equivalents, but at Printkaro you can still add a personal touch to each Valentine's Day greeting card you send. It might not include ribbons, lace or a macaroni necklace, but you can put your own text,photos and quotes to our range of lovely Valentine’s Day Cards and greeting cards for an extra-special way to send your love on this lovely day.

Valentine's Day Photo Cards

Valentine's Day photo cards are being increasingly famous with many stationery fans today. Wherever you pick to take your photo for your Valentine's Day card, get sure you all look happy and in love by bringing genuine smiles on your faces in your photo. These warm memories will make for the perfect photograph to accompany your special greetings!

Start browsing to find the right Valentine's Day greeting cards to boost you spread the love this winter. After all, not everyone likes kisses, cupcakes, chocolates and roses but everyone loves to get a customized Valentine’s Day Card in the mail, So start customizing your card and order it now from